Everything in close proximity.

Tenants who live here at Lucerne’s Allmend enjoy everything their heart desires in close proximity. This view of the Allmend clearly illustrates the centralised location of the two residential high-rise buildings. The sports facilities are situated in the immediate vicinity of the towers, with a municipal indoor swimming pool, double gymnasium, fitness centre, restaurant and various shopping opportunities (e.g. Migros).

The swissporarena – the new home to Lucerne’s Football Club – is also just a stone’s throw away, whose construction was completed already in July 2011. In addition, the stadium area includes an athletics facility. Lucerne’s Allmend also features horse-riding, while tennis enthusiasts can indulge in the game at the nearby tennis courts.

The city of Lucerne leaves no desire unfulfilled with regard to the cultural and restaurant scene. The Allmend’s centralised location itself is predestined for major events, special occasions and fairs requiring significant space, where confederation and cantonal festivals starting taking place already in the 19th century.

The nearby Bireggwald (right of image) is ideal for hiking and jogging. Lake Lucerne (in the background) also offers attractive opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy, without longer travel times to reach recreation areas – featuring Lucerne’s more mountainous surroundings as well as Rigi located further to the east, Bürgenstock, Stanserhorn, Pilatus and Sonnenberg. The upper floors in HOCHZWEI open the door to new perspectives: The fantastic views of the forests, mountains and city also fulfill the boldest dreams. From some apartments, it’s even possible to glimpse and enjoy a view of Lake Lucerne.