Living in a high-rise tower.

An apartment situated at the very top, with a view of the city and surrounding countryside has now become a realisable living dream in Switzerland as well. But how does a tenant live in such a high-rise tower, what’s the right lifestyle and the best way to furnish the apartment? Following are some tips and ideas, so that stylish living in a high-rise building does not remain just a dream:

How can an apartment be more comfortable?
Cosiness generally goes hand in hand with comfortability, thus necessitating seating areas, storage space and lighting, as well as side tables and suitable lamps, in addition to armchairs and sofas. A sideboard or pantry can be well utilised as storage or stowaway space next to the dining table. A desk or console should include a corpus, commode or mobile furniture. Occasional pieces provide not only practical storage space, but also opportunities for presenting personal items, miscellaneous objects, special accessories, books and table lamps. Textiles and colours make any apartment warmer and more personal. Hence, no need to fear curtains, fashionable sofa pillows, cosy plaids, classy carpets, colourful furniture or pictures on the walls.

Give the kitchen more character too, with some fine, hand-made or rustic eye-catching items. The bathroom can become a tasteful spa with small complementary furniture, elegant accessories and fancy towels.

How to deal with the window area?
Numerous windows mean fewer walls. Note this fact when selecting the furniture and choose shelves that can also be placed in the middle of the room, as well as cabinets and sideboards that feature descriptive backsides. This type of furniture can be used as room dividers as well. Create alternative storage space, for example, under the bed, or with single cabinets, industrial shelves or sideboards and commodes. Many windows also emit an abundance of light, which can be filtered with drapes, shutters or blinds. Furniture can easily be placed in front of free windows too, such as a bench, with books, plants or personal items – or perhaps even striking occasional pieces, sturdy stool or antique tray table. 

What does living in a high-rise building entail?
In contrast to smaller rental properties, living in a high-rise tower is more isolated and urban. Tenants can create a modest refuge in their apartment – an oasis that becomes a retreat from the hectic day-to-day world. Neighbours can be encountered in the lifts, entrance area and common spaces or through invitations to parties to get better acquainted, totally uncomplicated and spontaneous.

A man’s dream of a penthouse
A penthouse is actually an attic flat, only when described as a penthouse is especially chic, spacious, situated at the top and exclusive. This type of apartment was a symbol of luxury, freedom and cosmopolitanism as well as the ultimate bachelor pad, particularly in the 1960s. This image was so pronounced that a men’s magazine named "Penthouse” emerged. Even today, stars are still often happy to live in a penthouse because such apartments radiate much prestige. But these residences can also be regarded as a quasi-artists’ haven too and thus a little eccentric.