Breathtaking and beautiful at the same time.

The design emerging from an investor contest is indeed breathtaking and beautiful at the same time, perceiving the Allmend as an abundance of free space and serving the general public for a vast array of needs as an important, attractive field of greenery in Lucerne. The project encompassing the overall complex, comprising football stadium, sports facility and HOCHZWEI stands for an open real estate development site, placing the condensed various building volumes in the expanse of the Allmend space. What appears to be somewhat complex is all the more impressive by all appearances. Constructing the site just as such and in no other way played a significant role for the project managers. For only thanks to this approach can the existing free space by experienced coherently.

Noteworthy are the smooth and organic shapes of the high-rise buildings that subsist entirely without any sharp corner formations in the building structure. Each perspective paints a different picture for the observer. The building shell outwardly appears like compact, tight-fitting skin. The balconies are visible only at second glance, concealed in incisions behind the vertical aluminium profiles. Gold and blue tones dominate the colour scheme, lending the overall ensemble a modern and, at the same time, noble stature.  

The exterior spaces are defined by the design of the building structure, overflowing into one another and cascading in the plains of the Allmend. By contrast, the open spaces of the Allmend in proximity to the buildings are compacted, leading to a park-like frontal area of the entrance zone. A closer look reveals that the references for the proposed architectural design can be found in traditional park elements such as railings, wrought-iron gates and arcades. The delicate expressions of architecture developed from these archetypes remit an atmosphere of park landscapes and outside sports facilities.

Living in HOCHZWEI offers fantastic, new perspectives. And some apartments even feature a direct view of the football stadium. Spectators listening to the radio transmission or tuning in to the television can experience totally unique multimedia effects.