Living with perspective.

Dreamer. The word had a negative connotation many years ago and is perhaps not regarded as a compliment until today. People who are falling in love, taking a holiday or sleeping may dream. In real life, we should be wide awake, always vigilant and rationally scheming – an actual nightmare. Let us assume that nobody dreams any longer and everyone remains forever brave with their feet on the ground: So where would we stand now? Grandiose ideas ani don't’t see anything.d projects would hardly ever be executed. And nothing as unique as a state-of-the-art football stadium would have ever emerged at the Lucerne Allmend, a sports facility with indoor pool,, fitness centre, Migros shop and restaurant, as well as two fantastic high-rise residential buildings bearing the name HOCHZWEI, comprising a total of 283 rental apartments situated in an excellently designed overall complex and offering pleasurable living conditions at the highest level.

The builder had a dream; it aimed for the sky – and in the truest sense of the words. With a height of 88 and 77 metres, the two prominent residential high-rise buildings tower over any other in Central Switzerland. An apartment situated at the very top, with a view of the city and surrounding countryside has now become a realisable living dream in Lucerne as well.

HOCHZWEI has been constructed according to the strict guidelines of the first Swiss quality seal for sustainable real estate: greenproperty. For more information, read the relevant section on this website.